List of Algeria “South Africa”

7 مايو

Coach Algerian football Rabah saadane Tuesdayshowingpreliminary 25 man squad to engage in their training camp in preparation for the World Cup in South Africa from 11 June to 11 July.

rabeh saadan  tren”said at a press conference in Algiers: “choose these players was too hard, but I wanted to keep the spine of the team role in recent African Nations Cup in Angola”.

that players 25 falling into training camp in Crans-Montana, Switzerland from 13 to 26 May, then in Nuremberg from 31 to 6 June along with 5 players will announce the names in the “later”.

Apart from the three keepers, the lineup consisted of only one player of the League Defender Sétif Abdelkader al ifawi

Patty Algeria amicably with the Republic of Ireland on 28 may in Dublin, then the 5 June in Nuremberg.

Algeria in tournament play in Group 3 along with Slovenia and the United States and England.

Here are preliminary: goalkeepers Fawzi shawshi (VITA)  lounis gawawi(Olympique de chlef) and Mohamed Laminezamamoush (MC Algiers  w mboulhi ي rice  uhab (Slavia Sofia, Bulgaria).

Defenders: Abdelkaderalifawi (VITA) and glorious outside Algiers (Rangers) and Carl is free (French) and Ajaccio, Rafiq hlish  (Nacional Madeira Portugal) and Yahya ANTAR (Bochum), Habib Belaid (Bölöni Sir Mir French) Nazir belhadj Portsmouth FC) Italian beauty lamp (Lecce).

Midfielders: Hassan يبده (Portsmouth FC) and Mindy to Hassan (Racing Santander of Spain) and over Mansouri (French) and Lorient Adlan gdioura  (Wolverhampton) and Riad boudabous  (Sochaux French beauty Abdoun (Nantes, France) and Fouad Kadir (French) and Murat valencia  singer (Lazio) and Karim Ziani (VfL Wolfsburg) and cream lies buried (Borussia moenchengladbach, German).

Forwards: Abdelkader Ghazal (Italian) and Siena Rafik Zuhair Jabbour (Greek), AEK Athens Rafik Saïfi (French) Istres


3 تعليقات to “List of Algeria “South Africa””

  1. djazou يونيو 16, 2010 في 6:15 م #

    je suis avec equipe national malgre il est perdue ou gagne et sourtous ghazel et chawchi

  2. كاري يونيو 13, 2010 في 1:59 م #

    ماذا فعلت يا غزال ليش المدرب أمرك أن تدخل من المفروض أنك لست مع المنتخب لأنك سئ و تسطيع إلا الجري فقط أنت و لا شئ

    • ridhaazzabi يونيو 16, 2010 في 7:13 م #

      البرازيل منذ سنة 1934 لم تخسر مباراة افتتاحية والعرب لم يربحوا مبارتين متتاليتين الى يومنا هذا وربما نحتاج الى مائة عام قادمة لكي تتحقق المعجزة ويبدوا أنّ تحرير الأقصى أسهل من تحرير أقدام العرب

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